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At XILEF, we serve a wide range of segments in the retail sector.
We build software solutions that handle online shopping, virtual storefront or web stores, omnichannel fulfillment, loyalty & promotions, supply chain management, goods distribution, automated invoicing, secure billing & payments, warehouse & inventory management, and customized ecommerce systems.
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Omnichannel means a multichannel approach that provides customers with a seamless shopping experience across web, mobile, desktop, telephone, or local store using multiple payment options.

At XILEF, we develop custom software solutions (web, mobile, desktop, and cloud platforms) for in-store retailers to improve your retail business by making more online sales, reducing inventory and operating costs, improving customer satisfaction, automating inventory control, improving your forecasting and budgeting, enhancing your supply chain, providing a personalized experience to consumers across several channels, and in many other ways.

A customer loyalty program is a marketing technique used by retailers to create a sales feedback-loop that motivates their customers to repeatedly purchase products. These programs offer loyal customers rewards, discounts, coupons, points, or similar initiatives for persuading them to buy more and stay loyal to the brand.

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