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At XILEF, we serve a wide range of segments in the nonprofit sector.
We build software solutions for foundations, charity organizations, religious groups, food banks, social clubs, benefit trusts, local associations, grant-making groups, civic leagues, veterans' unions, rehabilitation centres, etc.
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A nonprofit is an organization that is dedicated to promoting a particular social cause or upholding a shared point of view for public benefit. Nonprofit organizations are commonly tax-exempt (varies with different countries). They can operate in communal, religious, scientific, research, or educational settings.

Nonprofits get funding through donations from individuals or foundations, sponsorship from corporations, government funding, grants and contracts, programs and events, goods and services, exhibition and merchandise sales, membership fees, social media appealing, and multiple investments.

Technology can reduce the time spent on administrative work, thereby saving their time to focus better on community impact and improve the services they offer. Nonprofit organizations also find it easier to widen their reach and to contact more donors or sponsors which in turn increases their revenue. By digitizing and securing their data, they avoid physical documents and paperwork, which protects their data from physical attacks and disasters.

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