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At XILEF, we serve a wide range of segments in the media sector.
We build websites, apps and customized software solutions that improve fan engagement, influence viewership, manage royalties, better audience experience, provide analytics, host online shows, book tickets, handle billing & payments, offer omni-channel distribution of multimedia content and a lot more.
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Media technology refers to the hardware and software tools used to ideate, develop, deliver, and manage content through media. Such content includes audio, video, images, information, video games, and interactive content.

New media technology covers a wide variety of web communication technologies such as blogs, wikis, e-groups, online social networks, virtual worlds, and other social media forms. Therefore, new media comprises of forms of media that rely on computers and internet technology to create and distribute content.

Technology is essential to the transformation of the media and entertainment industry. It provides insightful analytics that help to predict audience interests, increase user engagement, identify new revenue sources, develop product or promotional strategies to attract and retain customers, as well as offering instant access to content anytime, anywhere.

The major advertising mediums today are shorter video ads, mobile-first advertising, over-the-top advertising, cinemagraphs, social media in-stream ads, display ads, affiliate advertising, and so on.

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