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At XILEF, we serve a wide range of segments in the education sector.
We build Enterprise Websites, E-learning Applications, Online Assessment Systems, Learning Management Systems, School Administration Systems, Student Portal Platforms, Progressive Analytics Systems, and customized edtech systems.
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Applying technology in education improves knowledge retention, encourages individual learning, fosters collaboration, and enhances the child's skills. Plus, custom software or applications also help instructors to have classes, engage parents with the school, create virtual lesson plans, conduct online assessments, share learning materials, enrol and manage students, and gain a host of a lot more benefits.

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A Student Information System (SIS) is simply used by educational institutions to manage student data such as student bio data, demographics, contact details, grades, and so on. However, A Learning Management System (LMS) primarily enables educational institutions to deliver online training to teachers, students or other stakeholders. LMS software deals with the administration, tracking, reporting, and delivery of online training or learning programs and courses.

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