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Disruptors Sector

Breeding Creativity and Productivity

Disruptors / Unique Initiatives

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We live in a world where continued exposure is breeding creativity and innovation. And even so, supporting growth of these unique businesses calls for eminent smart technologies that provision world-class cost effective solutions.

Examples of businesses within this category include; architect firms, cleaning agencies, law firms, hotels, engineering firms, construction companies, creatives, directories, eco/green & farms, fashion, consultancy agencies, restaurants, magazine, fitness or gyms, photography, SPA & salons, among others.

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FAQs on Disruptors

Your business requires that if you:
desire to market and get a lot more customers,
have to re-enter the same data into multiple apps,
need to create a digital presence and share info online,
want to accelerate your speed of response to customers,
need to automate a large number of your business processes,
want to send regular notifications to your clients automatically.

It’s tough to estimate the exact development cost because every app, website, or software is tailor-made and unique. Hence, sharing an approximation of general costs without understanding the project’s specific requirements is very difficult.

There are numerous aspects that contribute to these costs which include the UI / UX, complexity (the number of pages / screens), functionality, design specifications, integration with third-party players, migration of existing data, and so on.