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Incepted in Uganda in 2016, XILEF was founded with the mission of crafting world class business solutions and providing superior web and mobile services. Currently, we are a trusted software development company to more than 150 businesses globally, including start-ups, SMB's and Fortune 500 enterprises. XILEF's core service areas include Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, Product Development (SaaS), and Enterprise Software Development.

You'll work in a mission-driven environment with people passionate about making a differenceand see how you're impacting businesses in real life. From hosting unconscious bias workshops to celebrating our identities, we strive to create a culture that represents the global community we work for every day. Would you like to join our team? Send us an email. Or better still, if you have a friend or acquaintance at XILEF, talk to him/her about joining us.

This is completely up to you! The more you promote, the more sales you can potentially make. Our Affiliate program financially rewards you for directing customers to purchase our services. When a sale is made by a customer you refer, we pay you a commission for the sale(s). So, its completely up to you. To learn more about our affiliate program and how to earn from it, see here.

No. XILEF is an equal opportunity employer, and we're committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We aim to represent the people we serve, and we welcome, support, and empower all the diverse individuals in our community. Individuals seeking employment at XILEF are considered without regards to race, color, tribe, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, creed or religion, ancestry, health status, physical or mental disability, political status, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Yes, it does. We are always delighted to work with students and future entrepreneurs who become our seeds of change through smart software development and problem solving. You can learn more about the program right here.

Customized software saves your IT expenditure by offering subscription-based pricing and reduces your maintenance costs. Custom application development enhances your operational efficiency, saves your labor and training costs, and offers you the ability to scale with the market needs.
A property management application that allows field agents/ brokers to coordinate between buyers and sellers is an example of customized software in real estate. An example of customized software in the healthcare sector will be system that enables clinics or hospitals to track patient appointments.

No, we not only develop for those sectors. We develop technology solutions for multiple sectors such as healthcare, financial services (fintech), non-profits, retail businesses, media, travel agencies, real estate and others. See here for in-depth details.

It’s tough to estimate the exact development cost of custom software because every piece of software is tailor-made and unique. No two custom-built applications are the same. Hence, sharing an approximation of general costs without understanding the project’s specific requirements is difficult.
There are numerous aspects that contribute to the costs of custom software development which include the size of the software (the number of pages/ screens), the complexity of the software, design specifications, integration with other systems, migration of existing data, usage patterns, and so on.

A custom business software solution increases your process efficiency through process automation. Through automation, your key resources will be able to better focus on the crucial activities that will add value to your business. Custom software scales with your business needs to accommodate new changes or processes. If you need additional licenses or packaged applications, it can eat up your IT budget. This is where custom software comes to your rescue as it offers the advantage of lower integration costs.
Custom software development can either replace or consolidate your existing solutions to achieve greater productivity, thus improving your competitive advantage. It allows you to build a system around your current processes. Plus, your business will stay up-to-date, limit tedious paper-based and manual processes, and reduce the risk of human errors. Custom solutions can speed up deployment as well as user adoption as it does not demand extensive technical know-how to use and manage a custom application.

The cost of building a website/web application depends on a number of factors such as:
Functionality: If the app demands complex third-party integrations, multiple APIs, databases, dynamic content, hosting, mobile compatibility and more, it escalates the costs.
UI/UX design: If you desire to go for custom UI/UX designs for your apps than the ready-made design templates, you will surely have to pay more.
Uniqueness of the project: If your app demands specialized knowledge and skill sets from highly-experienced and qualified developers, your app development costs may scale up.

The time taken to build a web application can vary from hours to months depending on the scope of the project, user flows, and designs. The development entails various steps, starting from getting a clear understanding of the requirements to deployment and scaling, and the time taken for each step can vary significantly based on the complexity of the app.

Yes, we provide technical support and service to the software apps we have developed during the time we administer it. We can also further develop your software product if you need to implement new features or integrate third-party services. However, most of this comes with a cost on the client's part.

Your business requires custom software:
if you have to re-enter the same data into multiple applications,
if you need to accelerate your speed of response to customer queries,
if you want to send regular notifications to your clients automatically,
if you have to perform tedious calculations periodically to get up-to-date information about your business activities, and
finally to automate a large number of your business processes to enhance your efficiency.

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