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Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Program at XILEF, Best Web & Software Development Company Nearby (www.xilefug.com)
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Affiliate Program

Do you know someone who needs a website, mobile app or any other custom software? Why not make some money from it? Even if you're a non-technical person, you can still earn significant income by referring those customers to us.
With our affiliate program, your potential income is unlimited. We'll pay you a recurring commission of up to 25% as you harness these two models;
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Affiliate FAQs

Our affiliate program financially rewards you for referring customers to purchase our services (whether directly or through your downline). When a sale is made by a client you refer, we pay you a commission for the sale(s). See here for more.

Click here to apply Right after that, someone from our team will have a quick meeting with you.

It is completely free to join our Affiliate Program. There are NO registration fees or minimum sales required.

This is completely up to you! The more you promote, the more sales you can potentially make. Our Affiliate program financially rewards you for directing customers to purchase our services. When a sale is made by a client you refer, we pay you a commission for the sale(s). So, how much you make is completely up to you.

An XGA (XILEF Grand Affiliate) is the one who directly joins our Affiliate Program without reference from any existing affiliate. Unlike the XGA, XDAs (XILEF Downline Affiliates) and XMAs (XILEF Mutual Affiliates) are the ones who join the program by reference of an existing affiliate (the XGA). However when an XDA successfully refers one or more clients, s/he automatically becomes an XMA.

Absolutely! You can promote as much as you’d like because extended promotion drives more referrals (which means more qualified sales and more hence commissions). However, spam or scraper sites are not be allowed and we reserve the right to refuse or revoke their (or the owner's) membership at any time.

You will NOT receive credit when purchasing a service through your own affiliate link or detail.

NO! We do not offer two-tiered commission capability at this time. Though, this may change in the future.

You can log into your affiliate account and access real-time reporting. Right there, you can access details about the commissions you’ve earned and alot more.

Affiliate payments can be made through PayPal, Mobile Money (for most service providers), or directly wired to a Bank Account. These payments occur at every end of the month.

Yes, asking for payment before the month ends is relatively possible.

Yes, XILEF welcomes affiliates from all countries across the globe.

Program Stats Dated 01 Jan, 2023

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250 +




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